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Properties in Maldives Floating city

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    Properties in Maldives floating city – Maldives is going build a new unique floating island basically to solve its problem of rising sea levels. The whole world is keeping an eye on the successful implementation of this city of future.

    Any city in the world would need some basic infrastructure to assure the safe, accessible and comfortable life for its people.

    Type of Properties in Maldives Floating City

    Residential Properties in Maldives floating city

    Before planning Maldives floating city, government was thinking of shifting its population to other nations land. They would have purchased the land and built a whole nation again, but architects solved this problem of there .

    Another problem that is persisting in front of govt of Maldives is that it needs more than 20,000 houses till 2022 and there is no land available to build these houses.

    To resolve all these issues ,floating city of Maldives is proving to be a Master stroke. Architects are planning to build more than 20,000 houses in the floating city of Maldives which is planned to be just next to Male airport .

    These water front residential properties will be around 1050 square feet or more and may cost around $ 2,50,000 however there are other awesome variants of these houses which differs on the basis of size, location and floors.

    Hotel Properties in Maldives floating city

    Well, as we said the world is eyeing on this unique floating city and they are more curious about how it is going to look like after the completion. Maldives floating city is going to generate high end tourism numbers for Maldives economy which is already dependent on tourists coming from all over world .

    As per the estimation this billion dollar project is going to increase tourism revenue by 25% which will directly impact the growth of the country . With the growth of number of tourists the infrastructure will have to be increased and for that reason the Hotel Industry chains are already fighting to get a space in Maldives floating city .

    Commercial Properties in Maldives floating city

    Every city needs an infrastructure to facilitate its population and that is why government of Maldives is spending more than a billion dollars on this project. When a city is built, commercial activities becomes the major factor for the growth of it . Govt is planning to build commercial properties in

    MFC where Markets and offices can make space for economic growth.

    Types of Commercial Properties to be built in MFC

    • Restaurants
    • Shops
    • Malls
    • Offices
    • Govt offices
    • Tourism Infrastructures

    School Properties

    Schools are the source of development of mindset and skillset of every nation. Maldives government is fully focussing on creating an infrastructure where proper schooling can be given to the children of the nation. Though these school properties will be under the supervision and ownership of govt but makes a very good ground for investors to take decision of investing in the other properties of MFC.

    Hospital Properties

    Just like schools, hospitals are also the pillar for the foundation of any city . This floating city will be equipped with high end hospitals which will make it better place to live .

    Golf Course on Maldives Floating city

    Dutch Dockland will share the name of the designer’s that will work for creating 18-hole floating golf course soon which will worth five hundred million dollars.

    The golf course, will be connected by underwater tunnels, and will be 15 minutes from Male airports

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